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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

We Fish Press Release 18/09/2012

Restructure of Marine and Freshwater Resources Institute Queenscliff

We fish are very pleased with DPI changes to fisheries management with Queenscliff now housing Science, operations and enforcement
We are also pleased that the science will be relevant to what fisheries and recreational fishing need. Science for Victorian fisheries should be on a needs and project base, and having a strong presence at Queenscliff will help ensure that the science being funded is current and more in line with the future of recreational fishing needs in Victoria.

1 comment:

  1. Disappointing you have taken this view and it sounds like you have been misled. The changes are resulting in a decrease in investment in science and there will no longer be capabilities to do research on a needs basis. What scientists are left will be doing the bare minimum of what is require to ensure the future of recreational fishing. 14 scientists to collect data in the field, analysis it and report the findings for each fishery in Victoria is not possible. These decisions by the government are very short sighted! The managers and officers are only moving to Queenscliff to fill the empty desks left over from all the job cuts over the past 2 years.