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Friday, 7 September 2012

Don't Lock Us Out!

Don't Lock Us Out!

Send The Environment Minister Tony Burke and the Government the letter below together with your own strong message . DON’T LOCK US OUT!

Your Final chance to provide comment on the proposed Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network closes on 10th September 2012. Your comments, and the below letter, will be sent direct to the government as your official submission, you must act before the 10th September to have your say. To be counted as an official submission, you must make your own brief(or lengthy) comment.





  1. I thank Paul for his time on this but where on earth has he been when we needed this support, I know you guys at WEFISH have been working your arses off trying to get support for the cause. Thanks Dan, Dale and team we all know who deserves the pat on the back for all the hard work and its not the celebrities who slip in at the 11th hour

  2. Sadly I tend to agree would have liked to have seen some support from numerous other quote "personality's, brand names and suppliers" publicly letting us all know they were supporting the team and fishing interests in general.