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Friday, 31 August 2012

WeFish press release 31st August

Press release
31TH August 2012
For immediate release

Victorian Anglers Banding Together to protest against the Super Trawler Margiris

With the arrival of the Super trawler FV Margiris into Port Lincoln to be re Badged an “AUSTRALIAN VESSEL” and to fish for 18000tonnes of Jack Mackerel Redbait and Blue Mackerel (and an option of another 18000 Tonnes) Victorian anglers, like other Anglers from all over Australia, have drawn an line in the sand and are taking a firm Stance against this Trawler, AFMA. DAFF, and Senator Joe Ludwig’s support of this Vessel.
“Saturday 1st September will see the Victorian Recreational Fishing Community band together En Masse to show the Federal Government and its agencies involved that we have had enough” said Dale McClelland We Fish Spokesperson
Recreational Fishing is a way of life for many Australians and contributes many billions of dollars to the community and we are treated like a cash cow at times
Recreational Fishermen in Victoria have raised many concerns on three key issues relating directly to this trawlers impact
- Victorian anglers do not believe the Margiris employs sustainable fishing practices
- Victorian anglers believe that the Margiris is threatening to the entire food chain by its impact on bait (food) species. We believe that its method will result in adverse effects to all marine life right up to top end species including whales, seals, sharks, dolphins, tuna and marlin. We hold great concerns over other effects on marine reliant species such as penguins, seabirds etc.
Victorian anglers are seriously concerned that localised depletion of bait stocks in key fishing areas will have a detrimental effect on everything from tourism to tackle sales

- Victorian Anglers do not believe in harvesting and selling precious Australian resources cheaply to overseas markets.
- Victorian anglers do not believe that employing imported ships with foreign labour should be allowed to fish in our waters whilst our own professional fleet is diminished.

- Victorian anglers do not believe that employing the Margiris provides any positive economic value for Australians.
- Victorian anglers believe that there will be a negative economic result through the impact on marine life and its various reliant economies i.e. Professional and Recreational Fishing, tourism etc.
- Victorian anglers do not trust the science supporting the proposal. The science has been primarily funded by the proponents, and history has shown clearly that marine science has got it wrong. I.e. School shark, gemfish, coastal prawn, orange roughy etc.

WE FISH gratefully acknowledge the support shown from the following groups
VR fish, the state peak body and advocacy group for recreational fishing
GFAV the Game Fishing association of Victoria
Many clubs and organisations such as the Victorian Game Fishing Club, Bass Strait Game Fishing Club, Greenvale Game Fishing Club, Hobson’s Bay Angling and Game fishing Clubs, Altona Angling Club, Launching Way at Patterson Lakes The Hobson’s Bay City Council and Victoria Police as well as many tackle stores, boat Companies and Fishing radio shows, Websites and social media outlets


Media Contact:
Dale McClelland
0400 902 492

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