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Friday, 29 June 2012

We Fish Media release

29th June 2012
Victorian recreational tuna fishery is under Threat from the Federal Gillard Government!

“The Commonwealth government has been formally asked by the Victoria Coalition government to give assurances that recreational fishing for Southern Bluefin Tuna will be allowed going forward but the request has either fallen on deaf ears or more concerning, is being totally ignored” said Dale McClelland campaign coordinator for WE FISH

“The Federal Minister responsible for Fisheries Senator Ludwig is saying nothing and with the Gillard Government’s track record of unjustified fishing lock-outs while paying total lip service to recreational fishing this continuation of Gillard government policy is very worrying.

“The detrimental impact of stopping recreational tuna fishing in Victoria, to the south west regional economy in particular and the recreational boat manufacturing and retail fishing industry sectors would be catastrophic.

“The current marine policy environment under the Federal government is anti-recreational fishing and is being formulated by fringe environmental groups from within the very offices of our elected representatives. Now it seems that the Gillard government wants to ban the recreational take of Southern Bluefin Tuna. WE FISH will fight to the death on this issue.

“WE FISH applaud the hard work by Victorian Fisheries Minister Peter Walsh and his Parliamentary Secretary Dr Bill Sykes. Their unflinching support of recreational fishing is an assurance and more importantly, WE FISH offers 100% support to the Victorian Coalition government’s endeavours in making sure that the recreational tuna fishery and all Victorian recreational fisheries are to remain.

“This battle starts now and I can personally guarantee all parties taking up this cause the support of EVERY recreational fisher man, woman and child in this state” said Dale McClelland.

Media Contact:
Dale McClelland
0400 902 492

1 comment:

  1. Why are we paying for a licence if that filthy thing thinks she can do what ever she wants she needs to be reminded that the people didn't vote her in,it was two jerks that wanted the spot light who put her in and now its time for her to go.
    This is a prime minister that was dancing in the parliament with her goons after bringing in a new tax on the Australian people. What's next lets kill one of the biggest money spinners in this country! Then we can throw on another tax to make up the short fall in cash, which can be put into our next pay rise. Lets get together and put a stop to this madness and get rid of this government so our kids have a chance to enjoy the thrill of fishing. Or they can always turn to drugs is that what she wants?