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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Catch Share Quotas


Similar measures are on the cards for individual rec’s too, with the Future Fisheries Strategy: Proposals for Reform.

Effectively this if it goes ahead will give the recreational sector including the charter industry a quota for each and every species we target, effectively putting a price on it, we will be not only competing with the commercial sector for these quotas but environmental NGOs, as these quotas would be able to be bought and sold to the highest bidder, in fact this was talked about with the anti-whaling groups.

“Introducing tradable quotas for catching whales could reduce the number of the marine mammals killed each year, researchers have suggested. Writing in the journal Nature, US academics said a market of quotas that could be bought and sold would allow environmental groups to "purchase whales" to save them and let whalers profit from the animals without killing them.”

Currently the environmental NGOs spend a fortune on advocating for marine parks and fishing closures, they could do this at a fraction of the price by simply buying up recreational anglers quotas.

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