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Friday, 12 September 2014

We Fish applauds Coalition marine park review

The Coalition government makes good on its election promise and announces the chairs and terms of reference for the Expert Scientific Panel and Bioregional Advisory Panels for its independent review of the Commonwealth marine park management plans.

This is a good move in the right direction with the current Commonwealth marine park management plans clearly showing to be grossly inadequate offering virtually no protection, while at the same time wrongly removing some user groups from the area. The review panels will report to the Government by mid-2015.

An Expert Scientific Panel, chaired by Associate Professor Bob Beeton, will look closely at the science supporting the new marine reserves.

Professor Beeton is Associate Professor at the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management at the University of Queensland. He has recently chaired the 2011-12 NSW Government Audit of Marine Parks and is a past chair of the Australian Threatened Species Scientific Committee as well as the Australian State of the Environment Committee.
Other members of the panel include Mr Peter Cochrane, Adjunct Professor Colin Buxton, Dr Julian Pepperell and Dr Sabine Dittmann.

Five Bioregional Advisory Panels (one for each marine region, except the South-east marine region) will ensure that communities, marine-based businesses and other interested groups are consulted about the management of marine reserves in those areas.
The Bioregional Advisory Panels will be co-chaired by Professor Colin Buxton, Adjunct Professor of the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania, and Mr Peter Cochrane, Australian Government Ambassador for the IUCN World Parks Congress, Adjunct Fellow at the Fenner School for Environment and Society Australian National University, and the former Director of National Parks.

Other panel members include:

North Bioregional Advisory Panel
Mr Joe Morrison
Mrs Katherine Winchester
Mr Matthew Barwick

North-west Bioregional Advisory Panel
Dr Andrew Rowland
Mr Brett McCallum
Associate Professor Stephan Schnierer

South-west Bioregional Advisory Panel
Dr Andrew Rowland
Mr Clayton Nelson
Ms Sue Middleton

Temperate East Bioregional Advisory Panel
Mr Simon Boag
Mr Stelios (Stan) Konstantaras
Professor William Gladstone

Coral Sea Bioregional Advisory Panel
Mrs Judy Lynne
Ms Larissa Hale
Mr Neville Rockliff

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