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Monday, 1 July 2013

SA Greens MLC Mark Parnell pretending to be concerned about whales

Screen shot of the posts that were removed

This is how concerned, South Australia Greens MLC Mark Parnell is about whale conservation, not only removing my posts, that ask why the threats to whales have not been addresses in our commonwealth marine reserve management plans, but banning me as well!

The Greens supported Minister Burkes management plans for our commonwealth marine reserves, even though
the management plans have not been preceded by the necessary and appropriate risk assessment, the risks to the areas have not adequately been identified and management prioritised in proportion to the magnitude of the threat. What sort of protection is that?

Our commonwealth marine reserve management plans off absolutely no protection for whales, how hypocritical of the Greens to be attacking Japanese whaling, when it’s now widely
accepted that shipping is having a very major effect on the recovery of many critically endangered whales species.

Here are just a few comments from some groups that you could hardly call fishing lobby groups. Are they pretending as well?

The International Whaling Commission states that

There is no universal solution to the problem of ship strikes but clearly the most effective way to reduce collision risk is to keep whales and ships apart.”

WDC (Whale and Dolphin conservation) say

Vessel strikes are perhaps the number one threat to the recovery of the North Atlantic right whale, and are also the leading cause of death for the species.

There are solutions to this threat: move ships away from areas where whales are known to congregate; or slow them down to 10 knots or less if they must transit through whale habitats.

NOAA says

The most effective ways to reduce ship strikes is to reduce the co-occurrence of ships and whales. West Coast sanctuaries have worked with the Coast Guard to make recommendations to shift shipping lanes away from known areas of high whale aggregations. CINMS, CBNMS, GFNMS, and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) have successfully worked with the USCG to modify the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) shipping lane approaches to the Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Francisco Bay ports thus mitigating the likelihood of ship strike occurrences in the San Francisco Bay area and Santa Barbara Channel. The California traffic separation scheme will go into effect on June 1, 2013.

Environment Defence Centre says

In recent years, ship strikes have emerged as a primary threat to recovering whale population.

And what do the Greens do? Not only do they support the commonwealth marine reserve management plans that firstly haven’t even identified the real threats to the areas we want to protect, but sadly they remove information that highlights the inadequacies with our management plans and ban me for posting them.    

Have a look at how proud Greens MLC Mark Parnell is holding up the anti-whaling posters when his party the Greens will now be responsible for many more whale deaths then the Japanese.

Screen shot after the posts were removed

Link to Mr Mark Parnell’s Facebook page


The day after my comments were removed these comments were also removed

Mr Mark Parnell then posted these comments

Mr Mark Parnell comments policy

These comments were posted in reply to Mr Parnell’s response, then once again removed.

I would like to extend a rigth of reply to Mr Parnell or any sitting member of the Greens political party, either state or federal, your comments will not be removed altered and you will not be banned.

To first explain why these comments were removed and more importantly answer the question. Why is Mr Mark Parnell and the Greens political party not only, not concerned about the lack of protection for, not just whales but many of our marine species in these commonwealth marine reserve managment plans, and why are you attempting to hide this fact?

Once again to be complete clear!

The commonwealth marine reserve management plans have not been preceded by the necessary and appropriate risk assessment, the risks to the area have not adequately been identified and management prioritised in proportion to the magnitude of the threat. What sort of protection is that?


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  2. What is Mark Parnell Problem? I don’t understand why he is deleting these comments, I thought the Greens want to safeguard whales.

  3. This is the first I have heard about this, what a disgrace, why is everyone else not publicising this. Mark Parnell should be ashamed.