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Monday, 3 June 2013

Contact members of parliament, before Minister Burke LOCKS YOU out

The Coalition has announced that they will be bringing a disallowance motion on the Commonwealth marine parks management plans in federal parliament.  Minister Burke is attempting to rush through the commonwealth marine park management plans on Tuesday 4th June, this will LOCK OUT  fishing from marine and terrestrial national parks that are listed as IUCN category II.

The independent members of parliament will be casting the deciding vote.

If this commonwealth marine park management plan goes through parliament, due to the fact that the Greens will hold the balance of power in the Senate for at least another 2 years possibly more, it will be a long and drawn out process to change them back to what they should be.

Contact the independent Members as well as your local MP, and make sure they understand what is about to happen. If IUCN category II National parks LOCK OUT fishing in our marine environment then they must also LOCK OUT fishing in our terrestrial IUCN catagory II National parks.

The facts

According to the IUCN category objectives.

IUCN category II, its primary management objectives are;

(a) to protect natural and scenic areas for spiritual, scientific, recreational, and tourist purposes;

(b) to perpetuate, in as natural a state as possible, representative examples of biotic communities and species; and

(c) to manage visitor use for inspirational, educational, and recreational purposes.

But in Australia thanks to Minister Burke IUCN category II national parks ban fishing in both marine and terrestrial environments!

IUCN Category II : Natinal Parks

Protected areas are large natural or near natural areas set aside to protect large-scale ecological processes, along with the complement of species and ecosystems characteristic of the area, which also provide a foundation for environmentally and culturally compatible spiritual, scientific, educational, recreational and visitor opportunities.

Primary objective

To protect natural biodiversity along with its underlying ecological structure and supporting environmental processes, and to promote education and recreation.
Yellow stone national park in America was the first national park in the world it is classified as IUCN category II, yet fishing is not only allowed but used as a management tool to help control the introduced pests and monitor the native species.

Some terrestrial National parks that are listed as IUCN category II

Kakadu National Park
Snowy River National Park
Murray-Sunset National Park
Grampians National Park
Baw Baw National Park

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