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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Young Gun fishing Adventures Outreach Program

Young Gun fishing Adventures Outreach Program

This is a fantastic program to assist young people that are finding it hard to stay on the right track, the program has very successful by introducing or re-introducing all aspects of fishing to these young people by diverting there anti-social behaviour into a positive accessible recreational activity.
This is something that all anglers should support in any way they can, it highlights one of the most positive aspects of fishing, Young Gun fishing adventures also conduct school incursions & excursions, school holiday fishing programs, fishing birthday parties as well as many other fishing related activities.

The young people are the future of recreational fishing, without them there will be no recreational fishing in Australia, we need to show as many young people the joys of fishing and the benefits it provides, we need to create more avenues for our young people to enter fishing careers, and we need politicians and public servant in the future to have a better understanding of fishing. Programs like this are vital not only for a healthier population of youth but imperative if recreational fishing is to survive into the future.

Well done to the Young Gun team .


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  1. What a fantastic initiative. for a lot of our young people that don’t have a chance in life they suffer from low self-esteem because they just don't get a break. you can see the joy recreational fishing is bringing these kids it’s a credit to all involved. Taking the kids off the streets and providing them with alternative entertainment and enjoying also the experience with another builds good values confidence and mateships that could last a lifetime. It’s not these children who need punishing its federal and state governments that cannot see their potential. I would like to personally thank all involved you have recharged my hope and proven that Australian cultural values are still alive and kicking…..

    Wade Wheeler
    Australian Marine Alliance

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