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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Marine Parks 6O day’s consultation period

I have been asked by a number of people what they can do about the federal government’s bio regional marine park proposal, you can write letters to the ministers concerned (contact details on a previous blog).  We will have a 60 day consultation period, from the time the legislation is gazetted, as this was not done before parliament’s winter break the earliest this can be done is when parliament returns on the 14th of August , at which time we can make a formal submission that will need to comply with the terms of reference of the submission to be considered.
What all that means in basic terms is, the government hasn’t lodged the paper work it need to yet, once it does we have 60 days, the submission might have a limited term of reference meaning that we are limited on what areas of the policy we can bring up in the submission, for now make sure you stay on top of the information and be ready when the time comes to make a formal submission, as you can bet the environmental groups will be flooding the government with submissions.

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